Halloween Anime Tag

I know I am recycling ideas now. However, when I was doing my Halloween Book Tag, which can be seen here, I realised how these questions would make a great anime tag. This anime tag is a motification of the book tag created by Naomi TheBookLover.

Carving pumpkins – What anime would you carve up and light on fire?

Kuroshitsuji II or Black Butler II.

I love Kuroshitsuji, in fact it is one of my all times favorite. That’s why I have to hate the second season. I seriously have no idea what made the executive decision to push this anime out. The second season of Kuroshitsuji was of course 1) not in the manga, and 2) doesn’t even follow the theme of the original. The first season started of great (because they followed the manga), and then took a nose-dive into a weird and premature ending (which is why it should have sticked to the original manga). The second season just took another cliff-jump into more weirdness and out-of-nowhere-ness, which is why it shouldn’t have existed.

Kuroshitsuji is a story that is full of depth and dark humour. It combines mystery, fantasy, and philosophy, and present it beautifully in a Victorian British setting. The stories reference actual historical event and comment on topics such as religion, science, ethics, traditions, family, human psychology, etc. Each story arc presents well-developed, unique characters with a well-developed plot that would eventually leave a hole in your heart.

The second season took out the depth and humour and all it left was just darkness and creepiness. I was genuinely bored of the story and confused about what was going on at the same time. The ending was even stranger than the first season.

For people who are interested in Kuroshitsuji, I recommend that you watch only the first half of first season, leave for the manga, completely ignore the 2nd season, and come back to the 3rd season (the best season).

Trick or treat – What character is a treat, what character is a trick? 

I feel like all characters from Gintama are both tricks and treats. So I will pick two of them out of the same anime.
For treat we have Kagura. She is the best female character ever. She is violent, has an endless appetite, kick asses like nobody does, very rude, has no manners, the list goes on and on. She is a delight.
For trick I am going for Okida Sougou. He is the prince of sadism, he is trying to kill his co-worker every second, he is always sleeping on his job, totally wasting tax-payers’ money, and he loves torturing people psychologically.

See? They are both tricks and treats. Also, I’m not being sarcastic just in case anyone is wondering.

Candy corn – What anime is always sweet? 

Natsume Yuuchinchou series.  I imagine that a lot of people would go for romantic animes. Natsume Yuuchinchou has little romance, but it is certainly the best anime for your soul. This anime isn’t sweet like candy corns but it is sweet like a cup of hot cocoa in a winter night. The stories are often heart-warming and makes you feel all warm and fussy inside. I always watch it after watching or reading a gruesome dystopian story, and it has always been able to restore my faith in humanity.


Ghosts – What character would you love to visit you as a ghost? 

If you haven’t been up to date with the Gintama anime, please keep reading. I can guarantee that you will love this anime and you wouldn’t want to be spoiled. If you are up to date, highlight the empty space below.
Tokugawa Shige Shige.
Shokun ka yo~ (ignore my sobbing)
He is the most gentle big brother, the greatest leader, and the safety net of the characters in Gintama. His appearance throughout the series makes us all fall in love with this mature yet naive goof-ball of a Shogun. His death was the saddest part of anime and pushed the plot to a point of crisis. I would like to know him personally by bring him back as a ghost. 

Dressing up in costume – What character would you want to be for a day? 

This is a very difficult question, as I have said in my book tag blog, as there are so many awesome characters in anime. As I can only be that character for one day, I would want to be able to get something that would last forever. That’s why I chose Index Librorum Prohibitorum from Toaru Majutsu no Index / A Certain Magical Index. She has 103,000 magical texts memorised in her brain. As anyone who isn’t a esper can use magic, assuming that I don’t forget those texts after the day, I would become the most powerful person in the world.


Wizards and witches – What is your favorite anime moment involving magic?

The original question was “What is your favorite Harry Potter moment?”, but Harry Potter isn’t an anime so I will instead tell you my favorite magical moment in anime.
This is very different from Harry Potter, but I am going for Madoka’s transformation in the last episode of Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica. Madoka out-smarting Kyuubey and changing the law of the universe must be one of the most magical moment in anime.

Blood and gore – What anime was so creepy that you had to take a break from it for a while? 

I generally avoid blood and gore. Which is why I haven’t gotten to Attack on Titans and Tokyo Goul, even though I am positive that I would enjoy them. However, there is one anime that I abandoned after a few episodes so I can sleep at night. And that is Higurashi no Naku Koro ni or When They Cry. I was attracted to it because of the mystery theme, I realised that they have a few seasons, with the latter ones explaining what happened in the first one. I love a good mystery story and was planning to watch all of them. However, I couldn’t get pass the few episodes because of how creepy it was. The fact that innocent little girls goes all yandere and started torturing other innocent little girls in very explicit ways chased me away.

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