2016 Book Wrap-Up

At the end of the year, Goodreads produce a summary page of all the books I’ve read in the year. I’ve decided to show it to you.


I’m quite happy that both of them are Rick Riordan’s books. The House of Hades didn’t seem that long as I enjoyed it so much and probably finished it within 3 days. Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo was a short story, which explains why it is so short. I walked all the way to the library across the city (a huge achievement for someone who can’t be bothered to walk out of her room for a charger), and read the whole thing there.


Before adding Twilight into the list, the most popular book was Pride and Prejudice. Are there really more people who read Twilight then there are people who read Pride and Prejudice? That’s quite sad in my opinion.

The least popular doesn’t mean it is the worst. As you can see, it also has the highest rating. Probably because there weren’t as many people rating it. Magi is a Japanese manga series with a complex and interesting story and explores a lot of big questions. I would recommend anyone who loves reading to check out a translation version of this manga.


Overall, this had been a great reading year for me, and I would love to double the number of books I read this year. Please tell me in the comment section below what your year was like in terms of reading.


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