2017 January & February Wrap-Up

So at the start of January, I set 8 books as the goal for that month and then vowed to not neglect my Engish reading while in Japan. The end result is, I completely neglected my Engish reading while in Japan. I read exactly 4 books for the month of January and February.

I’m now 15 books behind on my challenge, which means I have a lot of catching up to do…

But I’m not ashamed or regretful over this, as much as I enjoy reading, it is not on the top of my priority list when I’m juggling studying Japanese and exploring Japan. I barely had time to sleep during the 40 days there so it wasn’t like I put off reading for nothing.

Nonetheless, I still read 4 books, and here they are:

The Demigod Files by Rick Riordan



I love how Rick Riordan provides backstories in specials to tied up the whole plot. This book included the backstories for the dragon Festus and that time when Percy wrote on Ares’s war chariot without his permission. It provides a lot of context to the main novel and they are fun to read.

I Was Here by Gayle Forman



I like the premise of this story and the mystery aspects of it. But the romance was completely unnecessary, very forced and out-of-place.

Trouble by Non Pratt



This story attempted to be great but the premise itself is the problem. I guess the author wanted to have a book with a boy pretending to be the father of a teenage mother’s baby, but can’t think of a good backstory to explain it. To be honest, I seriously don’t know how it could possible even in the weirdest context.

The Rising Force by Dave Wolverton



My favourite character in Star Wars is Obi-Wan in the prequel and I had always been curious about his past with Qui-Gon. Which is why I spent ages looking for this series. The books are clearly written for children and the writing isn’t the best. However, I’m still enjoying it a lot seeing struggling a young Obi-Wan who won’t stay out of trouble, in contrast to the composed and mature Obi-Wan I saw in the films.


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